Working With DSI

You architect your growth

Working With DSI

Success, at DSI, is self-driven. We believe in encouraging our employees to build individual successes by continuous skill improvement. To be swift in thinking and action, dedicated to progress and all the time, be enthusiastic about life. The people in the company drive the Success definition at DSI, and this is reflected in the unique mix of engineering and creative talent that forms the core of the company.

Across Asia - DSI offers you one of the most dynamic environments in the Engineering services space. At DSI, you will find that your career is on a trajectory of achievement, driven by the empowered work environment.

Here is why DSI will transform the way you work

You work with the 'Best'

At DSI, you have the opportunity to work with the best clients, most of whom are leading automotive OEMs and suppliers.

You architect your Growth

At DSI, you see the big picture. This way you are always focused and stay aligned to the company's vision to be the best Engineering services company worldwide.

We at DSI will ensure that employees get opportunities for their professional development and growth through responsible and challenging jobs, relevant training programmes, job rotation, responsibility of cross functional teams and career advancement. Our endeavor at DSI will be to make continuous learning and growth a way of life for all our employees.

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