Computer Aided Engineering

Cut costs with CAE simulations

In CAE, DSI has the competency to do

  • Structural Validation simulations
  • Safety Crash simulations [Front,side & rear impact]
  • NVH CAE analysis [Rigidity, Vibration, Frequency response]
  • Thermal signature simulations [Transient & Steady state]
  • Fatigue and Durability analysis
  • Design Sensitivity analysis
  • Multi-functional optimization

In CAE, we create precise finite element models, analyze them for different load conditions and study physical responses such as displacement, strain and stresses. The aim is to design products that perform better in the real world

Safer designs, lower costs, and shorter development cycles are familiar challenges for manufacturing industries. In automotive sector, Vehicle crashworthiness is a demanding regulatory requirement. The knowledgeable consumers increasingly make buying decisions influenced by vehicle crash-safety ratings.

To satisfy regulatory requirements and to address consumer safety concerns, leaders in the automotive market are seeking new technologies that can help them develop improved vehicle crashworthiness and occupant protection, while containing costs and accelerating time-to-market. With simulation our engineers can vary the conditions of analysis models and perform thousands of virtual tests to better understand and optimize vehicle reliability & worthiness.

Our core strength is modeling and CAE Simulation of automotive BIW's, Engine and Transmission components, Seating systems, Trim parts, Instrument panels, Consoles and closure components like door, hood, tailgate etc.

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