Our Quality Philosophy

Quality is never an accident
Our approach to Quality

The quality processes at DSI are conceived to ensure that our product design services are always best - in - class. Covering every aspect of the product design and validation process, meticulous and diligent checks are incorporated to ensure that projects are always completed on time, with near zero defects and no cost overruns.

Quality Principles


Emphasis on Prevention rather than Cure

Effective defect prevention techniques to eliminate commonly recurring defects / problems through proper documentation.

Metric Driven Approach

A wealth of information regarding size, estimation, schedules, competency, reviews and progress of all projects is avaliable at the disposal of our project leads through DSI-PMS™.

Knowledge Management (KM) Database on the Intranet

Ready access to best practices, customer requirements, issues faced / resolutions, etc are made available to the team.

Quality Culture

We place a strong emphasis on peer reviews to ensure time bound and reliable product development. Besides we have initiated a string of measures that ensure quality while allowing for flexibility and adaptability to change:

  • Group Reviews with Reviewers external to the project.
  • Review of deliverables at each stage.
  • Specialized Micro metrics to measure efficiency.

Our constant endeavor is to exceed our Customers expectations by imbibing a Quality culture in our people for continual improvement to ensure Business Excellence

Domain specific orientation Programs

To keep up Our commitment to quality, orinetation programs are conducted in respective domains for the team.

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